Blue Mussels Spring Bay 1kg

Blue Mussels Spring Bay 1kg

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Blue Mussels - Spring Bay

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Spring Bay Seafoods award winning mussels are the popular choice from fine dining to simple home cooked meals. Spring Bay Mussels are highly sought after by mussel lovers for their plump meaty texture, sweet flavour and innovative packaging.

Raised From Babies

Spring Bay Seafoods have one of the only commercial-scale mussel hatcheries anywhere in the world. Using novel rearing techniques the mussels are raised from seed and nurtured under strict quality and environmental conditions, then transferred to suspended lines in the deep waters off Tasmania's East Coast. This vertical integration program ensures a sustainable and reliable supply of perfect mussels well into the future. Learn more about how our mussels are grown.

The Deep-water Difference

Unlike most other mussel producers, Spring Bay's mussel farms are located offshore in deep, nutrient-rich waters. And these aren't just any waters. The sea off Tasmania's East Coast is cool and very clean.

Here the mussels are suspended on long lines at depths of up to 35 metres and in a constant current of between 1–3 knots.

These unique growing conditions produce:

  • Consistently large mussels up to 100mm in length
  • Beautifully clean, dark shells
  • A superb deep-sea flavour – you taste nothing but the mussel.

Beautifully Presented

After harvesting, Spring Bay Mussels are rushed ashore and given a scrub, shower and a 'nip and a shave'. This creates shiny, clean mussels that are beautifully presented and ready for the pot. This scrubbing and cleaning process also eliminates a lot of work for the chef. There's very little to do but cook. 

"We genuinely believe you won't find a better looking, better tasting mussel anywhere in the world."

Phillip Lamb - Managing Director, Spring Bay Seafoods

Region: Tasmania 

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