Blue Mussels Kinkawooka 1kg

Blue Mussels Kinkawooka 1kg

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Blue Mussels - Kinkawooka

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The cold, clean waters of the Great Southern Ocean are home to some of the finest shellfish in the world, Kinkawooka Shellfish grow and harvest premium shellfish to the highest standards of environmental sustainability and culinary quality.

(Mytillus Galloprovincialis)

Kinkawooka Shellfish grow their mussels in the cold, clean waters of Boston Bay, on the West Coast of South Australia’s famous Eyre Peninsula.

Harvested live to order from one of 5 sites around the Bay (which is 4 times the size of Sydney Harbour!), the mussels are graded and cooled prior to heading to Port Lincoln and the Kinkawooka processing facility.

Every mussel passes through 4 levels of quality assessment whilst it travels through the factory being graded, scrubbed, cleaned and de-bearded – making them literally Pot Ready.

Conditioned and cooled in oxygenated saltwater they are then packed in a unique Sea Sure pack, which, like the name suggests, replicates the mussels natural environment, keeping them live and stress-free.

The Sea Sure packaging system is the cornerstone to the unique sweet flavour and soft texture of the Kinkawooka Shellfish Mussel. Kinkawooka Pot Ready Mussels should be kept chilled in their bag right through to cooking, when they should simply be tipped straight into the pot.

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