Green Banana Prawns Whole

Green Banana Prawns Whole

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There are two varieties of Banana Prawn: red legged banana prawns have red legs, and the most common - white banana prawns - have cream and yellow legs.
Bananas are well suited to Asian style cuisine, and generally perform better as part of a dish rather than served alone. Of course, you can put them on a BBQ or simply pop them into boiling water for an easy meal, but for more creative ideas on cooking click here:

Chop banana prawns and use to make prawn cakes or terrine. Use in Asian dishes - the sweetness of their flesh goes well with spicy flavours.
Banana Prawns are caught in a short season of only a few weeks, generally around April/May. If there are heavy rains in the summer, it usually means a bumper season at harvest time.

Approx Weight: 1Kg

Region: Queensland

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