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4 Rib Roast - Beef - Grass Fed <br />Approx. Weight: 2.75kg
Sourced from Black Angus and Hereford cattle, raised on the fertile soils in the Riverina distric..
Ex Tax: AU$0.05
Bonless Leg Roast - Lamb <br />Approx. Weight: 2.25kg
Raised on the clean green pastures of South-Eastern Victoria and the Gippsland region, this exclu..
Ex Tax: AU$0.02
AU$22.99 per kg
Pork Loin - Bone Out, Rind On  <br />Approx. Weight: 2.25kg
All our pork is grain fed, female and sourced from North-East NSW and South-West Victoria. Reared..
Ex Tax: AU$0.02
AU$24.99 per kg
Rack Roast- Veal  <br />Approx. Weight: 1.75kg
These cocktail trimmed cutlets are a prime cut of meat. Sourced from the Northern Rivers district..
Ex Tax: AU$0.04
AU$44.99 per kg
Wagyu Beef Topside Roast <br />Approx. Weight: 2.75kg
A very tender cut, wtih a marble score 5-6+.Sourced from Central QLD, and derived from the Japane..
Ex Tax: AU$0.02
AU$21.99 per kg
Whole Chicken - Approx 1.4kg
Chemical, hormone and additive free, our producer specialises in supplying fresh, natural whole c..
Ex Tax: AU$14.99