Alka Power Calcium Infused Ionic Alkaline Water pH9-10 1.5L case of 6

Alka Power Calcium Infused Ionic Alkaline Water pH9-10 1.5L case of 6

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The finest high pH infused drinking water available today.


Discover Maximum Hydration

Our all-natural alkaline water is guaranteed to hold its pH longer than the competition. Most bottled or filtered waters are essentially pH neutral or slightly acidic. Only Alka Power has the proper pH to sustain maximum hydration and help balance your body’s pH.

How Alka Power Will Change Your Life

Alka Power delivers incredible hydration and detoxification with our natural 9-10 pH alkaline water. Our patented process delivers superior quality that maximizes your health benefit beyond traditional advertised energy and healthy drinks on the market.

Why Alka Power Water?

  • Clean, refreshing taste
  • Absolute purity
  • Stable pH (9-10) guaranteed
  • 100% natural ionic calcium-infused water
  • Ultimate hydration

Alka Power Natural Alkaline Calcium Water was the passionate pursuit of a dedicated chemical engineer Randy Park. Mr. Park spent the bulk of his career developing major water treatment systems for public and industrial applications. Fascinated with our dependency for water and the role it plays in human health, Mr. Park realized his true calling was to produce the most perfect water possible.

Alka Power Natural Ionic Calcium Water — Over 25 Years of Passionate Research

The more he learned the more shocked he became by how the amount of acidic food and beverages people consume. This pattern of consuming high acidic substances is the culprit in causing a pH imbalance in the body. What we eat and drink can be easily classified along a scale from increasingly acidic to increasingly alkaline, and the foods that tend to be more alkaline are those usually linked to better long-term health, such as vegetables, fruits, and non-red meat. It also comes as no surprise that these foods contribute to less disease.

Higher acidic foods, such as red meat, breads, vegetable oils, nuts, beans and legumes, alcohol (in all its forms), and soda contribute to oxidative stress in the body. Consumption of these foods and beverages weakens the body’s resolve and defenses, thereby strengthening the possibility of diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

pH chart

“Randomized control studies are showing that alkaline water reduces your chances of getting diseases.”
— Dr. Pradip Jamnadas, Interventional Cardiologist, Florida Hospital.

Holistic health sources are embracing the fact that water with a stable high-level of alkalinity, used efficiently by the body, is synergistic with a more natural and balanced nutrition.

Ultimately developing a proprietary process of Bio-Cal infused filtration that converts calcium and other minerals to an ionic form that water can easily absorb when passed through the Bio-Cal filter thus allowing commercial scale production of water with a high pH (9-10) that is shelf-stable for over five years at reasonable costs.

This Bio-Cal filtering system has been monitored by the FDA for safety approval since 2002.

The business launched initially at its own retail store selling home systems, bottled water, and bulk Alkaline Water. Alka Power has continued to conduct blind taste tests against the seven leading bottled waters, and Alka Power consistently outscores them all.

Consumers describing the taste as “crisp, clean, light, refreshing, and pure.”

The Company launched in the United States. The Alka Power network is an expanding distribution network based on word-of-mouth and increasing interest in the Alkaline Water category

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