About Us

Founded in 2013, Butler & Bentley is an online artisan specialty grocer providing the finest seasonal produce from around the globe.

Initially founded with the aim of eliminating the need to move between different specialty stores, the Butler & Bentley team recognized the desire for time-poor Sydney Siders to fill their kitchens with fresh, nourishing and gourmet food products. This aspiration remains the cornerstone of the Butler & Bentley mission, encapsulated through our wide range of offerings, delivered straight to your door.

From the highest quality meat and seafood, to antipasto platters, cheese and pantry items, there is an abundance of choice on our site. Butler & Bentley also boasts a growing healthy living offering, with everything from raw handmade chocolates and refined sugar free donuts, to protein powders and fresh chia pods.

Whether you are planning a dinner party or simply want to stock your pantry with the highest of quality products, Butler & Bentley has something for everyone.

We look forward to delivering you produce from the city’s top purveyors and sharing our commitment to quality service and products.